MP calls for Boris Johnson to face Commons inquiry over Partygate

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker said he would vote in favour of an inquiry into whether prime minister

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker said he would vote in favour of an inquiry into whether prime minister Duncan Baker misled parliament over Partygate. - Credit: Archant / PA

Boris Johnson should face a Commons inquiry over whether he lied to Parliament, says North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker. 

Mr Baker said he would back a Labour motion calling for an inquiry by the privileges committee, in a vote expected about 5pm today (April 21).

"It is a free vote, you vote with your conscience, and I will be voting to support the motion," the Conservative MP said.

"I stood up in Parliament in January and talked about how north Norfolk followed the rules. This is about integrity and honesty, and as such I feel that we should have as much transparency as possible. I think that is the fair, just and correct decision for my constituents."

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker.

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker. - Credit: Richard Townshend Photography

Mr Baker said he was among the MPs who voiced concerns behind the scenes in the Tory party over transparency, after it was earlier suggested his colleagues would be whipped to vote in favour of an amendment which would have seen the inquiry delayed until after the police investigation was over and the full Sue Gray report into Partygate was released. 

Waveney MP Peter Aldous said earlier today he would also vote in favour of an inquiry. 

Mr Baker stopped short of calling on Mr Johnson to resign at this time, based on the fine he received for attending a birthday party in the cabinet room of No. 10 Downing Street on June 19, 2020, when such gatherings were illegal under Covid-19 lockdown laws.

He said: "On the basis of one fixed-penalty notice, with what is going on around the world and in our country, in this context I don't believe that this is a resigning matter. However I will always look at what is coming forward as this investigation and the other investigation continue to be published." 

prime minister boris johnson

Boris Johnson is under pressure over the Partygate scandal - Credit: PA

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The Met Police said it would not give any more updates on new fines connected with Downing Street parties until after the local elections, due to take place on May 5.

But Mr Johnson could be facing three more potential fines for lockdown breaches.