Duckling stuck in North Walsham drain rescued by couple

RSPCA inspector John with the duckling after it was rescue.

RSPCA inspector John with the duckling after it was rescue. - Credit: Archant

A duckling had a lucky escape after becoming stuck down a drain in a North Walsham industrial estate.

The duck soon after it fell through the grate.

The duck soon after it fell through the grate. - Credit: Archant

It had been attempting to follow its mother across Cornish Way when it suddenly slipped through a grate.

Fortunately for the animal, it had been spotted by Norwich couple Toni Greenacre and Barry Jones who rushed over to help.

Miss Greenacre, 28, said: 'We had been in the car when I saw the duck crossing the road. She just hopped over the drain and the rest followed, but then one dropped down.

'We couldn't leave him, as soon as we saw him drop we were staying until he was out.'

Barry Jones and Toni Greenacre

Barry Jones and Toni Greenacre - Credit: Archant

While the rest of the ducking's family carried along their way, the pair spent the next hour hatching a plan to get him out.

Initially they attempted to pull up the grate, but the animal became spooked by a passing lorry and swam deeper into the system.

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They then had to follow its desperate chirps as they tried to locate it underground.

Miss Greenacre added: 'People were telling us it's nature's way and to just leave it as it would run as soon as we got to it anyway and would be too quick to catch.

'Another person told us we have no hope of getting it out so just to think 'never mind she [the duck] has lost one'.

'But he was alive and chirping away so there was no way we were giving up.'

The couple sought help from a nearby industrial estate employee and contacted the RSPCA.

And after a 60-minute rescue effort, they eventually lifted the manhole cover and the animal was scooped up in a net.

The duckling has now been taken to a wildlife sanctuary.

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