Watch: Stunning drone footage captures unique beauty of north Norfolk coastline

A still from the aerial footage captured by Joshua Paul Gardner. Picture: Joshua Paul Gardner

A still from the aerial footage captured by Joshua Paul Gardner. Picture: Joshua Paul Gardner - Credit: Joshua Paul Gardner

The unique beauty of north Norfolk's coastline has been captured by a budding aerial filmographer, looking to share his admiration for the coastline with his viewers.

Joshua Gardner grew up in Norfolk, frequently visiting the coastline in the holidays.

The 23-year-old has now moved back to the Dereham area, and spent a cold February day travelling north Norfolk's coastline.

He said: 'I consider myself extremely lucky to have grown up in such a truly stunning and diverse landscape, and sadly started to take it for granted as i grew older.

'So to celebrate my return and remind my self what East Anglia has to offer i headed off to the north Norfolk Coast.'

Mr Gardener, who studied advertising and marketing at university, started his day with the sunrise at Happisburgh, before moving around the coast towards Cromer and Sheringham, with other stops including Cley, Wells and Blakeney.

Mr Gardner, who also works as an outdoors guide, continued: 'I love being outdoors and just wanted to share what I see in a slightly different way.

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'What I love about north Norfolk is that it has such variety, from marshes to cliffs and long stretches of beach and sand.'

Mr Gardner continued: 'North Norfolk is renowned for its spectacular coastline, fantastic wildlife, miles of glorious beaches, seaside communities and a beautiful hinterland of rolling countryside and picturesque market towns and villages.

'Despite the 5am alarm clock and the sun not coming out to play until midday, the magic of north Norfolk is that as the seasons and tides change, it offers completely different qualities and scenery, and I can't wait for the year ahead.'

Mr Gardner has hoping to make his passion a business, and is offering his talents to businesses in Norfolk.

Mr Gardner said: 'I'm looking to help businesses shoot adverts or promotions from a different perspective, I've always enjoyed photography so I'd love for this to be my job.'

To see more of Joshua's work, visit his website.

To see more of his work, including shorter films focussing on one particular area, visit his YouTube channel.