Drama for North Walsham students

Primary school pupils were given a VIP tour of a new drama theatre.

Millfield Primary School's drama group, the Allstars were invited to view the new theatre at The Atrium, in the grounds of North Walsham High School and were given an interactive tour around the theatre.

The group had been invited there by Dominic James, head of the arts at the high school.

The young schoolchildren were given the opportunity to explore the lighting and sound box and try the different light sequences.

Mr James then took the children behind the scenes and demonstrated how the different sets worked and explored the technical side of putting on a production.

Teaching assistant Dawn Price said, 'This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to explore 'behind the scenes'. There is only so much we can cover at the school when putting on a performance and this experience gave them the insight into how they can develop their drama skills as well as opening up new ideas; which included the technical side. We would like to thank Mr James and North Walsham High for their time and encouragement and look forward to working closely with them in the future.'