Vikings to 'invade' rugby club grounds

Viking clubs or 'clans' including Norfolk-based Drakkr Sveiter are to converge on North Walsham Rugby Club

Viking clubs or 'clans' including Norfolk-based Drakkr Sveiter are to converge on North Walsham Rugby Club for a weekend of re-enactments, food and other events. - Credit: Lorrie Tallis

Battle cries of Viking warriors will fill the air at an upcoming festival in Scottow, near North Walsham. 

Called Ragnarok, the July 16-17 event, will draw more than 100 Viking re-enactors from across the country. There will be mock battles and activities for visitors including Viking tug-o-war, archery and axe throwing.

Paul Carter, 'battle chieftain' of the Norfolk-based Viking group Drakkr Sveiter, said visitors would be able to try mead and Viking food, browse stalls and learn more about Norse history. 

Mr Carter said: "Theses events have always been very popular in East Anglia - this area was heavily invaded by Vikings so it's part of our history."

Mr Carter said there would be a mock battle between would-be king of all Norway Harald 'Finehair' and the clans that oppose his rule.  

The event will take place at the grounds of North Walsham Rugby Club - also called the Vikings - off the Horstead-North Walsham Road at Scottow, from 9.30am-5pm both days. To find out more about the group visit