Deer herds relocated as part of dinosaur attraction's expansion plans

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Lenwade

ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure has successfully relocated its two herds of red and fallow deer to north Norfolk, as part of its plans for expansion of the park's rides and attractions - Credit: ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

Two herds of deer from ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade have been re-homed in north Norfolk amid plans for expansion of the attraction's rides and experiences.

The herds were successfully moved to a new location where they have over 170 acres of natural habitat to explore.

The move was completed in conjunction with Red Oak Genetics, deer specialists based in Thetford.

Nicole Douglass, ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure’s park animal manager, said: “The Red and Fallow deer have been a part of the park’s valued collection of animals for many years, so it was very important to me to find the very best new home for the herds.

“We are sorry to see them go but absolutely delighted that they have over 170 acres of natural habitat to roam in and are in the care of experts within their field.

"We have been in constant contact with Red Oak Genetics since the deer were re-homed and all of them are thriving in their new environment."

Adam Goymour, company director, with one of the more menacing dinosaurs at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

Two deer herds have been relocated from ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure due to plans to expand the attraction's rides into the deer park - Credit: Sonya Duncan

ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure is planning to submit proposals to expand the park's rides and dinosaur themed experiences.

The proposals will be considered by the local planning committee this winter, which hope to enhance the dinosaur-themed attraction.

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Adam Goymour, the park’s director said: “Our animals are an incredibly valued part of our park and give our visitors a lot of pleasure. Nicole and her team at the Secret Animal Garden have worked very hard to locate the perfect environment for our two deer herds.

“Whilst we are very sorry to see them go, we are also very excited by our planned expansion which will allow the park to offer even more to our visitors, if the plans are passed.”

The expansion proposals have provoked criticism from locals over fears the new rides and attractions planned will be built next to their back gardens, causing excessive noise pollution.

It has also been argued by residents that the land offers a pristine habitat for amphibians and reptiles.

The park conversely said that the land is of low ecological value and that a noise consultant is working on the project to ensure guidelines are met.