Norfolk campsite voted third best in UK

The original creators of Deepdale Backpackers & Camping are back at the helm for the first time in s

Jason Borthwick, managing director of Deepdale camping and rooms. - Credit: Ian Burt

A Norfolk campsite says it owes its success a Danish word after it was the voted third best campsite in the UK.

Deepdale Camping & Rooms, in  Burnham Deepdale, was awarded the title by motorhome rental company, Camptoo, which ranked the ten top camping hotspots in the UK, with Higher Moor Farm in Dorset taking the top spot.

They were ranked on average climate conditions  - annual sun hours and rainfall were measured - along with the number of nearby hiking routes, the quality of air in the area and nearby landmarks to visit to give an ultimate overall score.

Deepdale Farm camping and caravan site

Lots of options for staying at Deepdale - Credit: Brittany Woodman

Jason Borthwick, managing director of Deepdale camping and rooms said their camping success comes from the Danish word ‘hygge’ - meaning cosiness and a feeling of contentment - which they see as helping people to find happiness.

“We interpret it as helping people to find their inner happiness at the north Norfolk coast and what makes them want to come back,” he said.

“One person’s happiness is flying around on a kitesurf in 40mph winds while others want to sunbathe, it is all about finding what makes the person happy.

Deepdale Backpackers & Camping. Picture: Supplied by Deepdale Backpackers & Camping

Deepdale Camping & Rooms - Credit: Supplied by Deepdale Backpackers & Camping

“If you discover this they are more likely to return.”

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Deepdale has increased its popularity over the last five years and is now open all year round for people to come and stay.

The 49-year-old said the success for them comes from the glorious locations, the salt marsh, coastal footpath and the great pubs, shops and cafes. However, he said all these successful trips wouldn’t happen without their staff who have helped thousands of people enjoy their best trip to the site.

Deepdale Backpackers and Camping. Picture: Andy Davison

Deepdale Camping & Rooms - Credit: Archant

“We work hard to look after the visitors and that seems to pay dividends and that’s really pleasing,” he said.

“The key is our team and making sure they look after customers time and time again and they leave wanting to come back.

“It is all well increasing in facilities and we have some lovely facilities, but the difference is the team and we appreciate all the work they do with looking after customers which are at the heart of what we do.

“I think the title is more of a validation of the team works.”