Deals struck for Happisburgh homeowners

As a much loved clifftop family home in Southwold is demolished before coastal erosion takes hold it has also been revealed deals have now been struck for homeowners in Happisburgh.

The home in Easton Bavents, near Southwold, called Thursley, was demolished on Monday by a demolition machine before the encroaching North Sea could get to it first.

In Happisburgh work has been taking place as part of North Norfolk District Council's Coastal Pathfinder project with the striking of deal to compensate those whose homes are perched on the edge of Happisburgh's crumbling cliff in Beach Road.

The council was awarded �3m in 2009 from the government's pathfinder programme to explore ways of helping coastal communities plan and adapt to coastal change.

In total offers were made on 13 homes, 10 owners have now accepted the offers, with two owners, who own three of the homes, declining offers. A spokesman for North Norfolk District Council said there are now no more offers or negotiations outstanding.

The conclusion of the deal means the council is handing over just over �726,000 to help the at-risk householders from the �3m pot of national pathfinder cash.

Following demolition and clearance of the homes, which is expected to happen in the summer, the land will be incorporated into a landscaping scheme for the area which will complement a new car park. The scheme will be developed in consultation with the Happisburgh Local Liaison Group and Happisburgh Parish Council and will be paid for from pathfinder funds.

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