Norfolk councillor resigns over rumpus at town’s Royal British Legion branch

John Frosdick has resigned from the town council over Royal British Legion rumpus. Picture: Genesis

John Frosdick has resigned from the town council over Royal British Legion rumpus. Picture: Genesis - Credit: Genesis

The fall-out from a row at the Royal British Legion in Cromer continues to rumble on, with a town councillor resigning over what has happened.

Former mayor and current town councillor John Frosdick has resigned from the authority.

It comes after four of the leading lights at the Royal British Legion branch resigned.

Mr Frosdick made the decision at last night's full Cromer Town Council meeting.

Afterwards, he said: 'I am doing this in support of the Royal British Legion and the recent events that have happened within the local branch of the legion.

'I have enjoyed my time on the council and I would like to thank councillors for their hard work and also to the staff on the council.

'I would also like to thank the public for all the support I received in my term of office as mayor of Cromer.

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'My reason for resigning is for the lack of support when I asked at the meeting that the current mayor play no part in organising the remembrance parade for this year until the results of any enquiry have been made public by the legion. And without that support I feel I could no longer serve on the council.'

The current Cromer mayor, David Pritchard is in France as part of the legion's GP 90 event, and was unavailable for comment.

The four resignations from the Cromer branch of the legion has led to fears that the Armistice Day service will not be held in the town because there's no one left to organise it. However, the town council is now looking to organise the event with aid from the county branch of the legion.

John Needham, who resigned as chairman of the Cromer legion branch, said: 'There was one person we were not able to get on with at the branch, 'It's all tied in with the GP90 (Great Pilgrimage) parade. We felt this person had gone about getting onto the trip in an underhand


'Myself, the vice-chairman, the secretary and the treasurer all resigned, and most of the membership.

'I don't know what's going to happen on Armistice Day, which I've been involved in running for 10 years. We have two D-Day veterans at the branch.

'We did not want to do this, especially as it's 2018, the centenary of the end of the First World War.'

Mr Frosdick has been a member of Cromer Town Council for five years and was mayor up until May this year.

A spokesman for the Royal British Legion said they were aware of the Cromer branch concerns.