Cromer's new zoo named 'Amazona'

Bosses behind a new zoo in Cromer have announced the official name of the attraction.Amazona Zoo will open in the next few weeks, its name reflecting the fact it is due to specialise in South American species.

Bosses behind the new zoo in Cromer have announced the official name of the attraction.

Amazona Zoo will open in the next few weeks, its name reflecting the intention to specialise in South American species.

There is no firm opening

date for the zoo, but it is expected to be around the

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end of this month depending on weather and licensing requirements.

Developed by Ken Sims, owner of Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens near

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Great Yarmouth, the zoo

will feature various birds, fish, mammals and reptiles which originate in increasingly-threatened rainforests.

More than 80 different species will live at the zoo, with highlights including

big cats, the largest rodent

in the world called a capybara, spectacled caiman crocodiles, green and yellow anacondas, poison arrow frogs, piranhas, flamingos, rheas, marmosets, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys and tamarinds.

Zoo managers said the attraction would contribute to the conservation of these species, most of which have been transferred from other UK zoos.

The spectacled caimans were originally bound for a farm in South-East Asia and destined for the leather trade. But they were intercepted at Heathrow Airport before becoming destined for Cromer.

Zoo director Jim Irwin Davies said: "Man is guilty of messing up the environment and putting many of the species at Amazona Zoo under threat.

"We aim to contribute to stabilising the future of the species under our care, as well as offering general education on the wider aspects of animal welfare

and environmental conservation.

"We will also be providing an opportunity to get close to some of the world's most beautiful and spectacular birds, fish, mammals and reptiles."

The zoo will open until the end of October from 10am to 5pm.

Entry prices will be: adults, £8.50, children aged four to 14, £6.50; pensioners, £7.50, pre-booked adult groups, £7.50 per person; and pre-booked child groups, £5.50 per person.

For more information call 01263 515549.

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