Cromer rocker goes head-to-head with the ‘queen of mean’

He is a larger-than-life character whose rock 'n' roll outfits and slicked-back hair make him a favourite as his band plays charity gigs across Norfolk.

But David 'Porky' Coates may have met his match when he faced down the fearsome 'queen of mean', Anne Robinson, on TV show The Weakest Link.

The full details of the showdown must remain a secret until after the show is broadcast on BBC1 on Tuesday. Suffice to say that Mr Coates, 47, of West Street, Cromer, was the centre of attention as Ms Robinson aimed her acerbic comments at him.

The guitarist from Porky's Hot Rockin' wore his 50s rock 'n' roll outfit for the show, which was recorded on August 25 in Glasgow.

It was a long journey to the small screen for Mr Coates, who attended auditions at the Maid's Head Hotel in Norwich in May.

He said: 'I'd been looking on the internet with my partner, Sally Wright, trying to get on something like Bargain Hunt.

'One night I tapped my details into The Weakest Link. A couple of months later I got a letter asking me to attend an audition.'

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Mr Coates was asked to answer 20 questions in three minutes but only answered 'about five, and three of them were wrong'.

He said: 'Then we had to stand in a circle, and the person auditioning us played the part of Anne Robinson. We all got asked three questions and I answered one: I was the weakest link.

'We were then asked to come back in to see how we would act in front of a camera. They asked me to sing and I did a dance. I sold myself a bit, really.'

He added: 'I thought I had blown it, but two months later, out of the blue, I got a phone call saying I had been picked to go on one of the shows.'

Although he did not want to reveal what happened on the show, Mr Coates said he was amazed at how many people were working on it. He said: 'They had one person to take the board from me, one to clean it, one to bring me a bottle of water and a make-up woman; there were people everywhere.'

Tuesday's broadcast is on BBC1 at 5.15pm.