Cromer Junior School youngsters go crazy for cookies

North Norfolk News deputy community editor STEVE DOWNES visited Cromer Junior School to talk about local news and to give two year four classes a chance to search out their own stories. Here are two of the stories that they produced.

Children in year four at Cromer Junior School are going mad for cookies. Their teachers thought they would enjoy their lessons because they had a cookie theme.

First year four visited Morrisons and they looked at biscuit packaging. Each group had some money to buy cookies. In their maths lessons, they then had a cookie tasting and did a survey to find the most and least popular cookies.

In literacy they made persuasive advertisements to encourage people to buy their cookies. Meanwhile, in design and technology lessons they made a 3D shape to hold their delicious cookies.

Next week, year four will use their maths skills to run a shop in the classroom. Each child will buy the right ingredients so they can make their cookies. Finally, they will bake the cookies and put them into their containers and eat them (the best bit).

'I'm so excited. I can't wait to make the cookies and I can't wait to get back home and eat them.' exclaimed Libby McQuaker from 4C cheerfully.

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Chloe Fletcher, 4C

Children in year four at Cromer Junior School are going mad for cookies.

Last week the children had a wonderful trip to Morrisons to look at biscuit packaging. When they had chosen the biscuits to buy the children paid and collected the change at the till.

'They were very polite and sensible,' said their teaching assistant.

All the lessons were fun. They designed their own packaging in art and they did a cookie tasting survey in maths. Also, they made some persuasive advertisements for their biscuits and made up a cookie rap in music.

Next week, they will then bake their own tasty biscuits. They will also be running a shop in their classroom.

'I can't wait to take the cookies home and share them with my family.' exclaimed Tracy Woolveridge from 4C happily.

The cookies will be absolutely delicious.

Rosa Inacio, 4C

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