Cromer is now seriously behind times and many public centres need modernisation

Splash leisure centre in Sheringham could be demolished and rebuilt. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Splash leisure centre in Sheringham could be demolished and rebuilt. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Readers react to report of imminent announcement on the future of Splash leisure centre in Sheringham.

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The big talking point this week was the imminent annoucement surrounding the future of Splash in Sheringham.

We asked what readers would like to see happen...

Matt Dicken said: 'It's the only fun pool around for miles and miles and more miles! There's plenty of other fitness centres around for others to swim lengths in the pool and then kick back in a jacuzzi. Don't destroy - modernise please.'

Stephanie Potter feared the worst. She said: 'Keep it as it is! I loved it as a kid and now my kids love it. It would be a shame to see it go especially as there's nothing like this around. The concept of Splash is great just maybe a revamp would help as it does look a little tired.'

Ness Jay Cooper said: 'As a person who enjoys swimming, the length is better than other pools. It's also accessible for disabilities more so than many pools. Those saying there are other pools for swimmers close by need to realise that many aren't as disabled friendly, they are smaller, less accessible via public transport, and do get packed with kids that lengths are impossible.

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'The water (at Splash) is also the warmest around here, again sadly the other pools are often cold.'

Well, you know why that is, don't you?

READ MORE: Announcement expected on future of Splash Leisure and Fitness Centre in SheringhamNess Jay Cooper continued: 'It needs to stay really as the NHS are cutting physio referrals and moving towards GP fitness referrals, more and many go to Splash for these as there aren't many other places with trained professionals to do this. I agree it needs paint outside though.

'I'd hate for it to close, even temporarily, as I can see not only my health going down due to not having access to such a facility but others too. Maybe a little revamp, but can't we focus on making a modern sports centre in Cromer as Cromer is now seriously behind times and many public centres need modernisation.'

Paul Mason said: 'My goodness, how ever long did it take you to write that?'

That's the short version Paul.

Back on topic, Judi Garrett said: 'Cleaner! The cleanliness of Splash and poor water quality really lets it down.'

Jackie Lewin said: 'We hope it doesn't shut. We live in Norwich and have had lots of fun times there and my grandchildren love it. A modernisation would be great but as long as they keep the waves!'

Cal Fraser said: 'Redevelop the site with a modern Splash, not bloody homes. Come on NNDC.'

Linda Nash said: 'If they use for housing, they should replace with a bigger and better pool and a playpark.'

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