Artist brightens up derelict area outside Cromer railway station

Di Lindsay Cromer in Bloom

Di Lindsay, 63, who volunteers with Cromer in Bloom, painting a mural outside the former Bouncers nightclub on Holt Road. - Credit: Ashley Pickering

An unkempt patch of land outside a derelict nightclub is being brightened up with a flowerbed and murals.

The grass verge in front of the former Bouncers nightclub, in a prominent location next to the Cromer's railway station on Holt Road, had vanished under brambles and become a magnet for litter including cans and bottles.

But volunteers with Cromer in Bloom have now cleared away the rubbish and planted flowers - and one of the group's members, Di Lindsay, has been painting colourful murals onto a set of large concrete blocks which separate the verge from the carpark.

Bouncers bar, Cromer.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Bouncers on Holt Road in Cromer has been empty since 2015. - Credit: Archant

Ms Lindsay, 63, said: "My colleagues asked if I could also paint a mural on the concrete blocks lining the perimeter of the car park. They are large, unattractive and look like something that would be used in warfare, so I agreed.

"As the station is a gateway leaving and entering the town, I opted for a happy valley panorama facing the road, and a sea view with the church, pier and famous crab boats facing the car park," she said.

Murals on Holt Road in Cromer

Concrete blocks outside the former Bouncers nightclub on Holt Road in Cromer have been brightened up with murals. - Credit: Ashley Pickering

The volunteers planted wildflowers including poppies on the strip of ground and they are putting honeysuckle on the old sign archway.

Ms Lindsay, who lives in Gimingham, has previously painted murals in North Lodge Park, also for Cromer in Bloom.

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She said: "We've had great fun, we're so glad we've decided to do it. So many people have said it's brightened the place up."

The team has enjoyed encouragement from the public, with some neighbours promising to water and maintain the new plants, she said.

Ms Lindsay started painting when she was 18-years-old while studying at college. She worked as an infant school and nursery teacher until she retired at the age of 55.

Di Lindsay

Di Lindsay, 63, a landscape artist living in Gimingham, paints mostly Norfolk and Suffolk coastal scenes. - Credit: Ashley Pickering

She has painted most of her life, usually in oils, and mostly Norfolk and Suffolk coastal scenes.

The aim of Cromer in Bloom is to make the town a beautiful place to live in by looking after garden spaces which are not council tended, she said.

"Cromer is a beautiful area to work and live, and we are proud to volunteer to look after it and would be happy to take on anyone who has green fingers and is interested in spending some spare time with us," she added.

For more information, visit the Merchant's Place website.