Cromer High School 'must do better'

A north Norfolk high school has been given a 'must do better' report by inspectors after getting bottom marks in two out of seven areas under assessment.

CROMER High School has

been given a "must do better" report by inspectors after getting bottom marks in two out of seven areas under assessment.

The school has been given a "notice to improve" by Ofsted which said its overall effectiveness and achievement and standards were inadequate.

It falls short of the special measures which Costessey and Earlham are on, but sees the 583-pupil school in the same category as Hellesdon High.

Education chiefs, who say the school has already been making progress, are putting extra support into the school, and inspectors will check progress in the problem areas in six months' time.

Head Glyn Hambling said: "Although I am disappointed with the overall outcome I am pleased that Ofsted has recognised our capacity to improve.

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"Our school is an improving school and there are very many positives that we can draw from this report."

The Ofsted report said pupils were not making enough progress, with a marked decline in boys' attendance in the final two years - Key Stage 4.

The proportion of students obtaining five or more good GCSEe was significantly below national average. And too many lessons failed to challenge students enough.

But there were signs of recent improvement which confirmed the school had a satisfactory capacity to improve.

Inspectors have asked the school to raise KS4 standards by improving teaching and learning, ensure effective monitoring of improvement actions and tackle persistent absence.

There were satisfactory rankings for personal development and well-being, quality of teaching, the curriculum student care and support and leadership and management.

Norfolk's deputy director of children's services, Fred Corbett, said Ofsted's overall judgment was "based largely on exam data, which inspectors recognise improved last year".

The council agreed the school, which had many strengths, had the capacity to improve.

Additional support to the school would include advanced skills teachers and advisers, along with help to improve further the tracking of students to ensure that progress was closely reviewed.

"Cromer High is an improving school and we are confident that it will continue to move in the right direction," he added.

Mr Hambling added the school would need the support of parents, carers and the wider community to bring about further improvements. "This is most notable in students' attendance and I would urge all parents to ensure their children are attending regularly.

"I am confident that our school is moving in the right direction and together we can continue to make progress."