Cromer glassmaker elected chair of international artists’ society

Sue Purser Hope. Picture: Sue Purser Hope

Sue Purser Hope. Picture: Sue Purser Hope - Credit: Sue Purser Hope

A Cromer glassmaker has been elected chairman of a national artistic society.

A piece of Sue's glasswork. Picture: Sue Purser Hope

A piece of Sue's glasswork. Picture: Sue Purser Hope - Credit: Sue Purser Hope

Sue Purser Hope has been elected the chair of the Contemporary Glass Society.

In her new role Susan, a commercial interior designer turned glassmaker, has already worked with Patricia van den Akker of the Design Trust to develop a professional development course specifically for glass artists.

This is aimed at enabling glass artists to review their business and become more successful in their chosen career.

Ms Purser Hope said: 'My intention as chair is to try and raise awareness amongst those outside the glass world of the amazing diversity of glass making techniques and forms and to provide the opportunity for them to become more involved, including making glass themselves.'

She continued: 'In this way, the profile of glass artists will be raised especially in their local community. As a result I hope that there will be more sales and increasing numbers of collectors.'

The Contemporary Glass Society is currently the only group of its kind to operate in the United Kingdom.

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Ms Purser Hope adds: 'Glass is a craft form that is increasingly under threat as more and more universities reduce the provision of glass courses. Often the assumption is that a glass artist only produces stained glass as if it is the only form of glassmaking, which of course it is not.

'I want more young people to study glass and contemporary glass art so that it becomes as much a part of daily life as any other art form.'

The society will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, and has developed from a small group of glass artists into a charitable society with almost 1,000 members.

The organisation now represents contemporary glass, glass artists and collectors both in the UK and internationally.

To continue CGS's celebrations, Ms Purser Hope is organising a series of major exhibitions over the next three years to cover the British Isles which will be open for all members.

Most of these exhibitions will extend for two months and will contain a high community involvement. There will be artists' talks, open evenings, workshops and craft fairs.