Family 'really touched' as stranger gifts wreath after theirs was stolen

The Cromer family were delighted at the wreath gifted by a stranger.

Gavin Haggart, Poppy Anderson-Haggart, Bertie Anderson-Haggart and Alfred Anderson-Haggart (L-R) are all delighted with the wreath gifted by a stranger. - Credit: Evie Anderson

A family has expressed their gratitude to a stranger who left a wreath on their front porch after theirs was stolen.

Bertie Anderson-Haggart and her family discovered on Monday morning that the wreath hanging on their door in Cabbell Road in Cromer had been taken overnight.

They had moved into the house four days before Christmas in 2020 and had not had time to decorate, so wanted to make it extra special this year.

The new wreath on the family's front door in Cabbell Road in Cromer. 

The new wreath on the family's front door in Cabbell Road in Cromer. - Credit: Bertie Anderson-Haggart

The wreath was handmade and had been created by local florist Sea of Flowers.

Mrs Anderson-Haggart, 43, said: "My husband Gavin noticed it had gone and came in and said something has happened you are going to be upset.

"Our kids Poppy and Alfred were really upset and got freaked out at the idea of someone taking something and of robbers." 

Mrs Anderson-Haggart then posted about it on the Love Cromer Facebook page to warn others and see if it had turned up on someone else's door. 

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But the family's sadness was short-lived as by the afternoon a kind stranger had left a handmade wreath with a handwritten letter on their front porch, signed at the end with 'M x'. 

It said: “I saw on Facebook someone took your wreath.

"I’m so sorry, but I wanted to make you a replacement in case it didn’t come back.

“I’m not great at making wreaths but I hope this is an ok replacement and brings a little joy and faith in the kindness of strangers.

“Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a healthy new year."

The letter left to the family left by mystery stranger 'M'. 

The letter left to the family left by mystery stranger 'M'. - Credit: Bertie Anderson-Haggart

Mrs Anderson-Haggart posted a photo of the new wreath hung on her door and the letter on the Facebook group and it has been liked more than 600 times. 

She added: "That morning we had gone to my mum Tina's house in Northrepps and when we came back after lunch there was a new wreath in our front porch and a lovely letter from the mysterious M and we were all really touched.

"We really want to thank M for all the love they have given by their generous and kind act.

"Also seasonal cheer to the thief, we hope they are enjoying their new wreath."