Cromer councillors “deeply concerned” about axing of town’s station and PSCOs

Norfolk Police Officers. Picture: Ian Burt

Norfolk Police Officers. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Cromer hit the headlines in August when the welcoming seaside town was hit with a series of violent incidents, predominantly attributed to a group of travellers staying in the area.

Following this mornings news that Cromer will now lose its PSCOs and station, key figures in the town are deeply concerned that the usually safe town will see more and more criminal acts.

'Although the PCSOs can't do much more than residents, they're a deterrent,' said cromer's Mayor John Frosdick. 'I'm deeply concerned that if they're gone we'll be targeted again in the future, the way we were in August. I'm worried the travellers may come back.'

Mr Frosdick continued: 'People are just getting their confidence back after the carnival fiasco, and now we're going to lose that again.'

'The police say that by saving money here they're going to create more police across Norfolk, but I think the Cromer area will be the worst affected by that. They'll focus police in the big towns and cities, not the coastal towns and villages.'

The station, which has been on Holt Road for around 6 years, will be shutting its front desk.

'I feel so sorry for the people losing their jobs,' Mr Frosdick added. 'Especially in this day and age knowing how hard jobs are to come by.'

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'I believe it's been deemed as able to close because it only has one person walk in an hour,' Mr Frosdick added. 'But if they're basing it on that then have they taken into consideration the amount of calls they get? Or 101 calls?

'If there are ever proper police in Cromer now, they'll be doing the more minor jobs the PSCOs did. We know crime rates are going up so why are we letting the serious police deal with cars back firing and noise complaints, instead of the real issues?'

County Councillor for the area Tim Adams added; 'I'm devastated. Without our PCSOs this is basically the end of the Cromer Safer Neghbourhood Team, and it's just going to bring back all the concern that arose because of the events in August.'

He added: 'Without the PSCOs we wouldn't have the skate park. Because of their support we could keep it open and they've established a relationship with teenagers in the town which I think is really important.

'This won't just affect crime, we probably wouldn't have the skate park without them.'