Dismay as festive lights are stolen from public Christmas trees in Norfolk town

A green LED light was stolen from Cromer's alternative Christmas tree, shortly after Christmas. Pic

A green LED light was stolen from Cromer's alternative Christmas tree, shortly after Christmas. Picture: Andreas Yiasimi - Credit: Archant

Callous thieves have stolen festive lights from three public Christmas trees in Cromer.

Just days after Christmas Day itself, a high-powered green LED light illuminating an 'alternative Christmas tree' was taken from its spot in front of Cromer Museum in Church Street.

And strings of Christmas lights decorating two trees outside the town's parish hall were also stolen.

Richard Leeds, chair of the town's Christmas working group, said the green light was worth about £150, and the light strings were worth about £50 each.

Mr Leeds said: 'We had the alternative Christmas tree in place in front of the museum.

'Jim Bond, who created it, suggested we light it up so we installed a light there and it worked well. We noticed a few days after Christmas it had vanished, along with a its waterproof box.

'And then we also noticed the lights on two trees either side of the parish hall door had also gone.

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'It's a shame because a lot of people put a lot of effort into creating that special atmosphere, but it's now soured.'

Mr Leeds said the thefts had not been reported to the police.

Andreas Yiasimi, a Cromer town and north Norfolk district councillor, said he was shocked by the theft and called for the lights to be returned.

Mr Yiasimi said: 'This is terrible. Who would do such a thing?

'We must encourage the people who took them to bring them back.

'Just return them or put them back where they were.'

He added: 'You have to have a conscience, don't you?

'This is nicking from your town. But they have done it.'

Others expressed their dismay at the thefts on social media.

Claire Chandler said on the Cromer Christmas Lights Facebook page: 'Oh no! That's terrible.

'It's such a shame. My family and I appreciate all the very hard work that goes into making our town light up for the Christmas season.'

And Hazel Woodley-Jones said: 'That's so sad and thanks to all for the wonderful display.'

The lights were paid for by the town council and the Cromer Christmas Lights volunteer group.

Mr Leeds said: 'All the volunteers work exceedingly hard to put on a really good display.'