Man kicked in the head during assault by gang in Cromer

cromer bowls green

Cromer Bowls Green off Runton Road - Credit: Google

A group of men wielding bottles and shouting threats caused 'panic' in a seaside town after carrying out an attack on another group.

Police are investigating after the four men were alleged to have been kicking, beating and throwing bottles at people on Thursday, September 9, at around 8.30pm.

Jay Florence, 25, from Norwich, said he was in Cromer with three friends when the group of men attacked him.

Mr Florench estimates the men who attacked him and his friends to be between 19 and 23 years old.

He said: "We drove to Cromer and were walking along the beachfront. We parked at Runton Road Car Park and were walking to the beach.

"There are no lights on the ramp down to the beach, and as we were walking down four men started walking towards us.

"They put down their bags and said 'what you saying lads', and we knew they were going to attack us.

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"We told the girl with us to run off and the men started shouting.

"My cousin was thrown on the ground and they started beating him on the floor. My brother ran after his partner to make sure she was okay.

"There was another family on the ramp, including a woman in the wheelchair, and they started attacking them.

"The men then pulled out bottles. My cousin managed to get up and run off whilst the men shouted 'don't come back here, we'll kill you'. They also shouted 'don't call the police or we'll come after you'.

"There were 15 to 20 people running around, screaming and shouting. People were distraught, there was a woman in tears, it was panic."

Mr Florence said they contacted the police once they were a safe distance away.

"There were only minor injuries, my cousin was kicked in the head," he said. "We got out quickly."

A Norfolk Police spokesman confirmed they are aware of the incident and said it is being investigated.

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