Crackdown on anti-social youths

Rowdy youths causing problems for residents and park users in Aylsham and Buxton have been targeted by police.

Officers from Aylsham Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) stepped up day and night patrols in Buxton's Balay Park and at the Recreation Ground and Mileham Drive in Aylsham after residents complained about youths misusing play equipment, being noisy and drinking alcohol.

Police have been working with parish councillors and Broadland District Council to tackle anti-social behaviour.

They have also been speaking to youths to find out why they are visiting the areas, asking nuisance drivers and youths to leave, taking alcohol away from underage drinkers, and putting up warning posters.

The Environmental Agency and local council have also removed litter and glass bottles. The skateboard platforms at Balay Park have been re-painted to cover graffiti and the youth shelter has been cleaned.

PCSO Brian Levy said all three areas were for everyone's enjoyment. He added: 'Those groups who are intent on drinking, causing a nuisance and damage to property are not welcome and will be asked to leave, or worse if we find an offence has been committed.'

At the latest Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting the panel agreed to keep up high-visibility patrols and target offending youths at Mileham Drive but decided enough work had been done on stamping out anti-social behaviour at Balay Park, the recreation ground and Hungate Street, in Aylsham, and on speeding in Marsham and Wroxham.

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Members also agreed two further eight-week priorities: tackling speeding in Hevingham, Coltishall, and Frettenham, and targeting underage drinking behind the take-away premises in Aylsham.

The next SNAP meeting will be on Monday December 20 at 7pm, in the Jubilee Centre, Norwich Road, Aylsham.