Couple’s Lego challenge at Holt Hall.

A couple are appealing for people to donate Lego to help them smash a Guinness World Record at Holt Hall and raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Adrian and Diane Fletcher are organising a two-day celebration of Lego at Holt Hall in August.

They plan to get everyone who attends the event to sign a Lego brick and add it to a tower which will take shape over the two days in order to create the tallest tower of Lego bricks ever made.

The current Guinness World Record for the tallest structure built with interlocking bricks is held by the Stichting Limmen Ludiek foundation in Limmen, Netherlands who constructed the tower on June 6 last year.

It took more than 1,800 volunteers three days to build and reached 30.52 meters tall.

The weekend will also include displays of various scenes created from Lego and Lego-related games and competitions.

There will be a Lego auction where members of the public can bid on Lego items created by celebrities. One of the pieces up for grabs will be a model of a TV studio signed by Stephen Fry and the proceeds of the auction will all be donated to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

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The Lego weekend will take place on August 6 and 7 and will run from 10am to 4pm on both days.

The Fletchers, who are from Fakenham, would like to hear from anyone who can donate any Lego and a marquee and can be contacted on 01328 864357.