Councillor confident Cromer Carnival will be successful after last year’s traveller invasion

Andreas Yiasimi. Picture: Chris Taylor Photo

Andreas Yiasimi. Picture: Chris Taylor Photo - Credit: Chris Taylor Photo

A town councillor has said last year's traveller invasion will not put people off from coming to Cromer Carnival this year.

Despite 53 incidents being recorded by the police last summer, it is expected this year's carnival will not be affected when it takes place August 11-18 in the town.

Councillor Andreas Yiasimi said: 'In the long run, it has turned out alright. The promises made by the team of police at the parish church last year have been fulfilled.

'What happened snowballed. In the grand scale of things, we can't say people will be put off coming to the carnival. If we said we were defeated, we would be giving in. The amount of things that go on, and what it offers as a small town, means Cromer has a global pull. I don't think what happened last year will deter people coming as bad things happen wherever you go.'

Any loopholes from last year have now been covered, and more police officers are on standby as tighter measures were promised, Mr Yiasimi confirmed.

With Carnival Day set for August 15, locals are hoping for another successful event with holidaymakers flocking to the town once again.

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