Pearl the dog rescued after getting stuck on a slippery groyne

John Harris, Chris Shortis with Pearl and Sheringham Coastguard station officer Jerry Woodley on She

John Harris, Chris Shortis with Pearl and Sheringham Coastguard station officer Jerry Woodley on Sheringham Promenade after the rescue. Picture: Chris Shortis - Credit: Archant

A dog named Pearl had a lucky escape after she became stuck on slippery rocks at the beach, with the waves crashing in around her.

Chris Shortis from Sheringham and Cromer Coastguard said the white and fawn whippet had been chasing birds onto a rocky groyne at Sheringham's East Promenade just before 10.30am yesterday (Wednesday, November 6).

But she found she could not make her own way back along the groyne to the promenade.

Mr Shortis said Pearl's owner then called the 999 and asked if the Coastguard could come and help.

But he said the first effort to rescue the dog had to be called off, before rescuers found another way to get to her.

Mr Shortis said: "Three members from the Sheringham team arrived on scene and were met by the dog's owner.

"Her front legs were on one rock and her back legs on another with a deep crevice beneath her.

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"An initial attempt to reach Pearl from the beach was discontinued as a safe route could not be found due to the slipperiness of the rocks.

"An alternative route from above the high water mark was found and two coastguard rescue officers were able to reach Pearl who was in an increasingly distressed state."

The stricken canine was then able to passed back to the seafront.

"Pearl was slowly brought back to the promenade, with the officers moved from rock to rock to establish a secure footing and passing Pearl between them. Once back on the promenade she was returned to her grateful owner."

Mr Shortis said the dog's owner had done the right thing by calling 999 and requesting the Coastguard.

He added that despite being an emergency service, the Coastguard was made up of volunteers, and was currently recruiting in Cromer.

The incident follows another rescue by the Sheringham and Cromer Coastguard from a spot nearby on the East Promenade on July 28. In that incident, which Sheringham RNLI Lifeboat and other emergency services also responded to, a man became trapped in water up to his neck, and rescuers had to hold his head above the waterline.

For more information about volunteering as a Coastguard rescue officer visit or find Cromer and Sheringham Coastguard on Facebook.