Church has been a constant for 60 years for this diamond couple from Sheringham

Mike and June Hill

Mike and June Hill - Credit: Archant

A couple who met at, married in and volunteer for the same church have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Mike and June Hill met in 1952 at the Methodist Church in Sheringham after June was posted there as part of her training to be a sister for the National Children's Home.

The couple then married at the same church on April 21, 1956 on Mike's 21st birthday.

Between 1959 and 1991, Mike, 81, worked as a retained fireman in the town which meant he was on call 24 hours a day. He said: 'You just had to go when the alarm rang, it could be any time.'

When he finished he was presented with a long service medal and a mounted axe for his time spent with the fire service.

Mike also worked as an engineer alongside the fire service and retired aged 58. After this he became a self-employed painter and retired aged 64 when his last customer died.

June, 83, who is originally from the Isle of Wight, was a reader and pastoral visitor at the Methodist Church and also became the first woman steward in the church. Mike was also a steward and caretaker for many years.

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Aside from his working life, since 1994 Mike has been a part of the Sheringham Shantymen taking him all over the world singing.

He said: 'I always had an interest in music, it started off when I was in the choir at the Methodist Church on Station Road. I really enjoy it, we go all over singing for various events.'

The couple, who have three children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren, celebrated their milestone with a family meal out and then a party at their home.

Among their messages of congratulation was a card from the Queen. Mike said: 'That was something that was; it was also nice because our son, who is a postman, delivered it to us.'

They both agree that the secret to a long marriage is give and take. June said: 'You have to have a lot of tolerance and definitely a sense of humour!'