Chris Packham to speak at north Norfolk climate event

Chris Packham

Chris Packham, who will be a guest speaker at Greenbuild. - Credit: Archant

Television presenter and conservationist Chris Packham will speak about north Norfolk's nature in an upcoming online talk. 

Mr Packham, best known for appearances on The Really Wild Show and Springwatch, will host a talk about biodiversity, climate change and conservation with a focus on the north Norfolk area.

Mr Packham, 60, said: “Norfolk has a wonderfully diverse eco-system and is home to some many rare and lesser-spotted species, such as nightjars, adders and not to mention over half the world’s population of grey and common seals choose the north Norfolk coast to breed.

“It is hugely important that we open up these conversations about the changing environment and the part we can all play to protect it.

"These must be protected and nurtured so they can thrive and be enjoyed for many years to come.

“I look forward to exploring the wider picture of conservation and discussing my passion for our natural world."

The Wednesday, November 3 talk will be part of North Norfolk District Council's Greenbuild festival, which aims to promote environmentally friendly projects and ways of living. 

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Sarah Bütikofer, leader of the council, said she was delighted Mr Packham was joining the line-up on guest speakers for Greenbuild. 

Mrs Bütikofer said: "As we hear more about the damage being done to our natural environment through climate change, we need to remember too the impact this has on our bio-diversity, Norfolk is hope to many rare species and we need to keep doing all we can to protect them and help them thrive."

Other guest speakers during the online festival - which is taking place from November 1 to 12 to coincide with the COP26 international climate change summit in Glasgow - include Dominic Buscall from the Wild Ken Hill housing project and slow-fashion campaigner Cynthia Ko, who will discuss sustainable fashion.

At another talk, Rikke Nagell-Kleven will explore the concept of “algae innovation” in north Norfolk.

Tickets and event information can be found on, search for Greenbuild.