Cheeky beggars! Readers react to councillor’s ‘threat’ to hike up council tax unless controversial hotel plans are driven forward

The council has proposed selling part of Cadogan Road car park in Cromer to help raise money to fund

The council has proposed selling part of Cadogan Road car park in Cromer to help raise money to fund services in the town. Picture: ALLY McGILVRAY - Credit: ALLY McGILVRAY

The friendly rivalry that exists between two of north Norfolk's most popular seaside resorts was put at risk this week when a senior Sheringham councillor claimed Cromer was being subsidised by the rest of the district.

North Norfolk District Council headquarters in Cromer. Picture, NNDC.

North Norfolk District Council headquarters in Cromer. Picture, NNDC. - Credit: Archant

North Norfolk District Council's deputy leader Judy Oliver made the controversial comments after concerns were raised over plans to cash in on some of the local authority's assets in a bid to balance the books - including proposals to build a hotel on the Cadogan Road car park in Cromer.

With government funding being cut, she claimed council tax would have to be increased by 25 per cent or services slashed to fill a projected funding gap of £1.3 million over the next three years, which are in addition to the £3 million savings already identified, if members do not approve the budget at the full meeting of the council on February 22.

Friends of the North Norfolk News Facebook page voiced their views.

Paul Radbourne said: 'Which bit of Cromer? Suffield Park sees bugger all, poorly maintained pavement, potholes everywhere and the lamposts had to start falling apart before they were upgraded!'

Nigel Barrett said: 'Cheeky beggars. Is it our fault they can't manage their affairs?'

Dave Howes said: 'The stupidity of councils can be pretty unbelievable at times. Cromer's big selling point? It's status as a classic Victorian seaside resort, so building a huge concrete monstrosity right in the middle is going to enhance that? I don't think so.'

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Hilary Drain said: 'Stupid idea, Cromer needs the parking spaces it has. Don't forget a lot of your visitors are older people with walking difficulties who don't qualify for a blue badge. Go ahead and you will lose visitors.'

Louise Lycett Phillippo said: 'How will all the businesses survive?!!!!!'

Peter A Gould said: 'Get rid of that car park and then try and get into Morrisons on a weekend in summer. Next thing is they (Morrisons) will be putting a pay machine in the car park with a refund if you spend 'x' amount in the shop, ala Budgens in Holt, or a barrier and guard asking for a receipt.'

Deb Austin said: 'Cromer is the big attraction for people to come to North Norfolk. Perhaps we should ask the Boundary Commission to move Fakenham into the Breckland area and take (Council leader Tom) Fitzpatrick with it!'

Peter A Gould said: 'Take away a fund raiser, ie a car park, then spend money you haven't got on a building on said car park, then force the locals to find it all in 25% hike... Get real. A fool and his money are soon parted and throwing away a car park is the best way to do it. Not.'

Matthew Morrison said: 'I'd bet this is the council's single biggest revenue stream. Once sold gone forever!'

Kevin Day said: 'So they say we need parking spaces, so we'll put a car park in North Lodge, but suddenly we've got enough spaces that we can afford to lose a few when the right hotel chain comes calling? All sounds a bit odd to me.'

Josie Stone said: 'With all the campsites and caravan parks in the area which brings holidaymakers into Cromer, they should be creating more parking not less.'

Yvonne Foster said: 'What a stupid idea, people will just stay away, we did most summer because we couldn't get parked and we only lived in Trunch.'

Sylvia Bettsworth said: 'Can't believe they are allowing this to go ahead when parking is so hard to find especially on carnival week, this will just encourage more bad parking in Cromer. What's wrong with the old pub next to the station can't that be used?'

Graham K Burdett said: 'The best place to build the new Travelodge is where the fire station is now. The best place to build the new fire station is near the ambulance station. Travelodge would pay for the new fire station as part of the planning deal same as Tesco did in Sheringham.'

Wayne Moy said: 'Sounds like North Norfolk District Council all over, wasting more money on things that isn't necessary. They should be think about coastal flooding not car parking rubbish.'

Lorraine Fowler said: 'My feelings exactly, sick of hearing about Cromer pier, Cromer car parks. Sort the sea defences out first! We live in Walcott and are fighting to save our homes such a kick in the teeth to see so much money wasted. Walcott never get mentioned and yes some of is lost our homes yet again in the January 13th surge! Priorities first please!'

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