Chance to ‘borrow’ a human instead of a book at Cromer Library

Living 'books' were on offer as part of an event taking place at a north Norfolk library.

The Human Library event, hosted by north Norfolk artist and poet Vince Laws, took place on Saturday Feb 12.

The aim of the event was to break down prejudices and celebrate differences by encouraging library visitors to sit down for half an hour and learn about others' life experiences, by talking to one of the human 'books'.

Originally the idea of a group of Danish anti-violence campaigners, human libraries are now held all over the world.

Titles being brought to life at Cromer ranged from Arranged Marriage and Lesbian Feminist Comedian, to Musician and Indian Independent Woman.

Mr Laws said: 'The event is about fighting prejudice and stereotypes by giving people the chance to chose a human book and sit down with that person, someone they would not normally talk to, and find out all about them.'

Karen Atthew-Woods was the human book entitled 'Lesbian Environmentalist'.

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She said: 'This is my first time taking part in something like this, although I have seen human libraries in action before. I think it is fantastic giving people the chance to meet and chat to people they would not ordinarily.

On Monday from 8pm-10pm, Mr Laws teamed up with fellow poet Trudy Howson, singer and accordionist Maddi Cassell and Caspar James to host Love in the Library, a Valentine's Day-themed event at Cromer Library, organised to coincide with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month featuring poetry, song and performance.