Celebration of literature

School pupils from North Walsham are sharing their love of books with others thousands of miles across the globe.

A class of Year two pupils from Millfield Primary School have taken part in a global project called Book Crossing, which is a website that allows books to get a new lease of life.

Children chose a story to read, which they then share with the class discussing what they liked about the book, their comments are then typed onto the website, and the books also passed on to others around the world.

The children's anonymity is protected by giving them made up names. Each book has an individual identification number so the pupils can follow their specific book wherever it goes.

The children at Millfield asked people from all around the globe to send them a postcard about what they thought about the books and some interesting facts about the country or area they live in.

Dawn Price, a teacher at the school, said: 'The children were really excited to have received so many replies. One pupil told me that they had received postcards from places like America, Canada, Austria, Portugal and Scotland.'

The children have been using a map to find where their postcards have come from.