Cawston WI marks 90-year milestone

Women's Institute members in Cawston marked their group's 90th birthday with a special celebration where party-goers included one current member who was at the first meeting.

Ivy Lake (nee Chapman), now 92 was taken along to the WI's inaugural meeting in February 1921 by her mother.

The 37 members attending the birthday bash, together with 14 guests, also included Phyllis Horner (nee Carman) whose mother was another of the 53 women founders.

And today the WI meets at the same venue - the Cecil Cawston Memorial Institute Village Hall - as it did 90 years ago.

2011 president Sandra Young opened the anniversary event and welcomed Norfolk WI federation president Sally Paramour who spoke about Britain in 1921 when the country was also being run by a coalition government, under David Lloyd George, and King George V was on the throne .

Among memories and curios discussed during the party was a report found in a 1940s' Norfolk supplement to Home and Country which advertised a whist drive, organised by Cawston WI, and a competition to list 20 of the most useful household objects.

Entertainment throughout the evening was provided by 1940s-style group Timescape. Local cook Judith Snowlin was the caterer, and member Beryl Rounce made a birthday cake decorated with figures representing the fashions from 1921-2011.