Fly-tipping in North Norfolk hits highest level in seven years

Dumped rubbish in Hindringham. Picture: NNDC

Dumped rubbish in Hindringham. Picture: NNDC - Credit: Archant

The number of fly-tipping incidents across North Norfolk has risen to its highest level in seven years.

New government figures show that rubbish was illegally dumped 569 times in the district in 2018/19.

That was up on the 337 incidents in the region in 2012/3 and the 521 cases recorded in 2017/8.

The number of times action was taken against those responsible increased from 920 in 2012/3 to 1215 in 2018/9. But last year's figure was down on the 1365 times action was taken in 2017/8.

Action taken includes council investigations, warning letters and fixed penalty notices,

A spokeswoman for North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) said: "Whilst the number of incidents has increased so has the number of actions taken by NNDC.

"We continue to take fly-tipping seriously. Where there is sufficient evidence we will take the appropriate and relevant enforcement action."

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While Norfolk County Council came in for criticism after it introduced charges for disposing of DIY waste at recycling centres, officials said a lot of what was being dumped could still have been got rid of for free.

As well as in North Norfolk, fly-tipping went up in Norwich, Breckland, Broadland, and South Norfolk. But it fell in West Norfolk and Great Yarmouth.

But across Norfolk as a whole, the number of instances fell from 15,305 in 2017/18 to 11,286 last year.

Action was taken 5,465 times, down on the 6,542 occasions the previous year. The action included the issuing of 16 fixed penalty notices and 27 prosecutions.

Earlier this year, a fly-tipper who left dumped rubbish in open countryside in north Norfolk was ordered to pay more than £1,500 in fines and costs.

The man from Snettisham left household rubbish, including bin bags, in Wells Road, Hindringham. He was taken to court by NNDC for the offence, which was committed on or before January 4.

Sarah Butikofer, NNDC Leader, said at the time: "Fly-tipping simply will not and cannot be tolerated. We will continue to tackle this issue and take action against those who choose to blight the district in this way."