Carnival help plea

A rallying call has gone out for people to run Sheringham carnival to fill a void left as five key volunteers stand down.

All five directors are retiring and organisers are seeking people with organisational, accountancy and secretarial skills to join the crew behind the popular and successful event.

Chairman Helena Beresford said: 'There is no trouble. We have all been doing it for years and are getting on. We want a change and some new blood to come in with fresh ideas.'

She is stepping down, under carnival rules, after two years in the chair. But also going are vice-chairman Martyn Jackson, treasurer John Lessels, secretary Melanie Clarke, and minutes secretary Jane van Poortvliet.

This summer's event had been a successful one, with a change of the parade day from Wednesday to Saturday being welcomed.

The shape of next year's event would be decided in December once a new team was put in place at the annual meeting on November 9 at the Morley Club, when the event will also hand out any profits from this year's week to local good causes.

But a special open meeting was being held at the same venue on Tuesday October 5 at 7.30pm in a bid to attract more people to come forward and stand for the important officerships.

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'If nobody comes forward there will be a question mark over the carnival. But it's nothing to the scared of,' added Mrs Beresford.

It took the equivalent of about a day a week – but a bigger commitment nearer the event – but could be combined with work and was fun.

'I have got a lot of friendship through my involvement' said the chairman, who began her links 15 years ago helping to build carnival floats for Women's Institute.

She would be staying on the 30 -strong carnival committee, which also had an army of helpers to man the events.

But the directors' roles were vital to run the carnival, so there was a 'desperate need' to fill the posts.

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Mrs Beresford on 01263 823463.