Campaign against cuts

Concerns about government cuts were voiced at a meeting in Sheringham at the weekend.

A local group from the county-wide Coalition Against the Cuts staged a session which attracted people worried about the impact of the impending spending cuts on their lives.

Spokesman Andy Cairns, a teacher and union representative at the local high school, said it was becoming clearer the cuts would hit schools, meals on wheels, and days centres for the elderly and those with learning disabilities.

'People keep saying we are all in this together but we are not, because corporation tax is not being cut, but VAT is being put up,' said Mr Cairns.

The trade union-backed campaign also says there are alternatives to the cuts, such as recouping �120bn of evaded taxes, cancelling Trident missiles and withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

The 15-strong gathering at the Morley Club on a wintry Friday night was now going away looking to increase awareness of the cuts and the need to protest.

It will meet again at the same venue on Friday December 10, but will be out and about in Cromer and Sheringham encouraging people to take part in the demonstration planned for Norwich Chapelfield Gardens on December 4 at noon. More information at