WATCH: Dashcam footage shows near miss between deer and two cars

Deer on the road.

The moment a deer dashes between two cars on the road between Buxton and Coltishall. - Credit: Steve Mindham

Dashcam footage has captured a dramatic near miss between two cars and a deer.

The incident was recorded on a driver's camera as he was travelling on the road from Buxton to Coltishall.

At first the video shows an empty road and later another car travelling in the opposite direction.

As the two cars are about to pass each other, a deer suddenly leaps into the road, narrowly managing to avoid not only one but both of the vehicles.

As if taking part in a dare, it slips between the cars and somehow safely makes it to the other side.

Driver Steve Mindham said: "After the deer incident we were just glad neither car had been travelling any faster."

The hair-raising close call even brought out the poet in Mr Mindham.

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“Norfolk lanes are beautiful," he said, "but you need to drive with care. As well as other vehicles, you’ll sometimes meet a deer.”