Town's chamber of trade seeks new members to survive

John Roseby, Sheringham Chamber of Trade chairman.

John Roseby, Sheringham Chamber of Trade chairman. - Credit: Archant

The chamber of trade in Sheringham is in danger of closing due to a lack of committee members. 

John Roseby, the chamber's chairman, said several current committee members were planning to leave at the end of February, and new people were needed to fill their shoes. 

Mr Roseby said the chamber had represented Sheringham traders for decades and it was vital to keep it going. 

He said: "The present committee has worked hard over recent years to support local businesses when needed, particularly through recent events in the town, like the infamous sinkhole, and of course, more recently through the issues caused by the pandemic.

"We have been able to lobby local government frequently – always taking up issues that it was felt may influence trading circumstances."

Mr Roseby said the chamber was needed now more than ever because of the uncertain times faced by the retail sector and business in general.

He said: "We never know what is round the corner. It is extremely important there is a group prepared to look at matters affecting commerce, and raise local issues whenever necessary, with whoever it feels may help."

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Mr Roseby said people from different walks of life were welcome.

He said: "The more varied the members backgrounds are, the better.

"If you often feel you would like to see more happening in the town, why don’t you step forward and do as much or as little as your time allows.

"The present 'set-up' is very informal, we meet once a month throughout the year.

"There are a few officers' posts on the committee that need filling – for example chair and secretary.

"It is up to each committee, each year, to decide how it works, how it is managed and what it wishes to achieve.

"So do not feel it is restrictive in any way. As it is a committee, decisions are taken by a majority vote."

Anyone interested can find out more by emailing