North Norfolk Railway removes steam trains due to hot weather

A steam train on the North Norfolk Railway.

A steam train on the North Norfolk Railway - Credit: Archant

North Norfolk Railway has had to remove its steam trains from service due to fears they will be unsafe during the heatwave. 

Martin Dupee, chairman of Norfolk and Suffolk Tourist Attractions (NSTA), said that the engines have been swapped for diesel-hauled versions "both to reduce the risk of fires and to avoid, extremely importantly, their volunteer locomotive crew working in excessively hot conditions on the footplate of a steam engine". 

Other popular outdoor tourist venues across Norfolk have also had to make adaptions to cope with the record-breaking temperatures. 

Mr Dupee said: "Many attractions, as a result of lower anticipated visitor numbers, have made changes to their offering, for the benefit and comfort  of those who do visit and the staff still working in extreme working conditions.

"For example, some are offering a cold menu in their restaurants whilst others have reduced their opening hours.

"It is noted that as a number of schools have closed due to the heat, group visits which are at a peak as term time comes to an end have also reduced." 

He added: "Attractions with animals, whether as farm parks or zoos, also have a key emphasis on keeping the animals in their care as safe as possible."

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People venturing to the region's key tourist spots are urged to take precautions to remain safe in the heat.

"We encourage everyone to be kind to those working in such temperatures as they aim to ensure everyone can have an enjoyable day and to heed the health advice by keeping well hydrated and to take it easy in the hottest parts of the day," Mr Dupee said.