North Norfolk key workers share impact of fuel panic buying

North Norfolk key workers have shared the impact of fuel panic buying 

North Norfolk key workers have shared the impact of fuel panic buying - Credit: Archant/Amy Winton

From having to sleep at work to missing vital medical appointments, key workers across the county have been hit hard as thousands of drivers panic buy their fuel.  

And the situation has been no different in north Norfolk, where pumps in several towns and villages have been running dry. 

Queues continued to form outside filling stations throughout the weekend, leading to many people running out of petrol and diesel completely.

Meanwhile, the emergency services were on hand to assist those most in need on the congested forecourts. 

But just how much have the chaotic scenes affected the county's most vulnerable, and the key workers whose responsibility it is to look after them? 

Dozens of individuals have been sharing their experiences, among them Karen Powley, manager at The Mount care home in Aylsham.

Staff at the Mount care home in Aylsham are celebrating after their first Good CQC report in years.

Karen Powley, manager at The Mount care home in Aylsham - Credit: Archant

She has been left with little choice but to offer rooms at the home to employees who might otherwise struggle to get to and from work. 

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“We have given staff the option to use the spare rooms here at the home," said Ms Powley. 

"We also have local staff who are willing to let co-workers sleep at their own homes to save on fuel.  

“It's a good job that people are able to mix within other households now. All of the garages have sold out around here.” 

Amy Winton

Amy Winton, from Stalham, who works as a carer - Credit: SUBMITTED

Also impacted was Amy Winton, from Stalham, a carer who works alongside a small group of colleagues in the area. 

She said: "We have no fuel in the area. At the moment we have all managed to make it to work but, if it keeps happening, I don’t know what we’ll do. 

“There’s a good chance at least one of us may not be able to work.” 

Mark Frosdick, who lives in north Norfolk and works in Loddon, added: "I called my wife to say I probably won’t be home to see her or my children this weekend and I would have to sleep in my car at a petrol station.

Covers on fuel pumps at a Shell filling station in Smithdown Road, Liverpool. Deliveries to supermar

Fuel pumps have been running dry across the UK as drivers panic buy - Credit: PA

"Luckily, with zero miles left, I managed to get fuel from the Shell garage in Newmarket."

The government has continued to reassure people that there is no shortage of fuel in the country, and has urged people not to panic buy.

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