Lockdown love: Couples pop the question to beat pandemic blues

Bradley Hatch says his buyers are being more thoughtful with gifts during lockdown

Bradley Hatch says his buyers are being more thoughtful with gifts during lockdown - Credit: Bradley Hatch

People in Norfolk are being "more sentimental and romantic" during lockdown, jewellers have said, having seen couples and families go out of their way to make loved ones smile during the pandemic.

Engagement ring sales are on the up, with couples realising if they can get through lockdown together, they can get through anything. 

"It has been really lovely to see. I think people have more time on their hands to think about what they're buying and are going out of their way to make it special during lockdown," said Bradley Hatch, founder of Bradley Hatch Jewellers in Wroxham. 

Bradley Hatch Jewellers in Wroxham

Bradley Hatch Jewellers in Wroxham - Credit: Bradley Hatch Jewellers

"I had a chap who moved in with his girlfriend and while they redecorated he wrote 'Will you marry me?' on the wall. People are realising that if they can get through furlough and lockdown together they can do anything - they're keen just to have some good news," he said. 

Mr Hatch has also seen an increase in demand for the workshop side of his business, with customers requesting resets for sentimental pieces. 

"People are coming across jewellery owned by a loved one and if they have a bit of money have thought now is the time to start wearing it again. We've been doing redesigns and a lot of second hand piece sales for gifts, which has really seen us through," he said. 

The business, which employs seven people, has also seen a great deal of custom requests come in.

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"Birth announcements, anniversaries and the like - people are commissioning pieces and putting a lot of thought into what their families and friends would like," Mr Hatch said. 

At Webb's Jewellers in Holt buyers are often treating themselves thanks to having a bit of extra cash in their pocket. 

Owner Olly Webb said: "We've done a few engagement rings but most of the pieces we've sold are actually people treating themselves. They haven't been able to spend their money on holidays or something similar and so have bought themselves something to cheer them up.

"We were especially busy when we could open - the whole town was - so we're hoping for a busy summer thanks to a rise in the number of staycations in Norfolk." 

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