Holiday cottage firm expects 2022 to be busiest in its 50 year history

Louise Hillman, manager of Keys Holiday Cottages, at 50th anniversary reception with Duncan Baker MP

Louise Hillman, manager of Keys Holiday Cottages, at 50th anniversary reception with Duncan Baker MP - Credit: Keys Holiday Cottages

A North Norfolk holiday cottage firm is celebrating 50 years of being in business and expects 2022 to be the busiest year in its history. 

Keys Holiday Cottages, which is now owned by Norwich-based estate agents Arnolds Keys, was set up in a bedroom in 1972 and has grown to managing 96 holiday homes all of which are based in North Norfolk.  

Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, which saw holidaymakers staying at home due to lockdowns, the company has manged to survive and is looking forward to its post-Covid recovery. 

Holiday property on the beach

Louise Hillman said North Norfolk remains a popular holiday destination because it 'has something for everyone' - Credit: Keys Holiday Cottages

Louise Hillman, manager at Keys Holiday Cottages, said: “The last few years have certainly brought unprecedented challenges, with a historic global pandemic and economic pressures to name but a few.  

"But the popularity of UK holidays, and of North Norfolk as a destination, is greater perhaps than ever before, and we expect 2022 to be the busiest year in our five decade history.”

She explained that during the pandemic they offered customers the chance to have their booking refunded or moved to a later date and that 80pc chose to move their holiday. 

"We have a great holidaymaker client base," she added. 

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Ms Hillman said that the firm has had generations of the same families holidaying with them and that the region remains a popular tourist destination because it "has something for everyone". 

Tourism is a major contributor to the North Norfolk economy and Keys Holiday Cottages, which only employs two people, uses many local businesses to keep their properties well maintained. 

Ms Hillman added: "We work with local cleaning companies and our maintenance teams are all small local businesses. 

"Tourism brings in holidaymakers and provides jobs to local people. 

"We've been working with local companies for 50 years." 

The company celebrated its anniversary this month with a reception that was attended by North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker, as well as holiday home property owners. 

It is looking to build on its success by adding more properties to its portfolio and Ms Hillman said that they are "always happy to take on new properties".