Book shop partners open new branch for second-hand volumes

New independant book shop opening in Holt, The Holt Bookshop, Lion Court Yard Holt. Pictures: BRITTA

Pam Horrocks and Keith Britten at the Holt Bookshop. The partners have opened a second branch, specialising in second-hand books. - Credit: Archant

A pair of business partners who opened a shop selling new books during the pandemic have just opened another store - selling second-hand books. 

Pam Horrocks and Keith Britten said the new Holt Book Gallery was designed to resemble something that might be found in Mayfair - only without the high prices. 

Ms Horrocks said: "We became increasingly aware of the need for a second-hand bookshop in the town due to numerous enquiries in the existing shop about good quality pre-loved books.

Inside the new Holt Book Gallery.

Inside the new Holt Book Gallery. - Credit: Supplied by Pam Horrocks

"We were also aware that post-pandemic there were customers reluctant to handle second-hand items and venture into bookshops that were in their eyes 'dusty and dirty'.

"We have created a beautiful, light, airy space celebrating the book in all its forms and incarnations." 

The shop is next to the Holt Bookshop, which Ms Horrocks and Mr Britten opened in August 2020 in Lion House Court, off the town's High Street.

That shop had previously been run by David Makinson in Holt's Appleyard, and Ms Horrocks and Mr Britten took on the name and new location after Mr Makinson retired. 

The Holt Book Gallery is open 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Saturday, closed 1pm-1.30pm for lunch.