Bus timetables face cutbacks

Sanders bus in North Walsham. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Sanders bus in North Walsham. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Bus passengers in north Norfolk have been left standing due to a shortage of timetables.

Robin Johnson, chairman of High Kelling Parish Council, complained to Norfolk County Council that the frames for bus timetables near Pineheath Care Home have remained empty since November.

However, cash-strapped council chiefs claimed they are unable to replace them because they have spent their budget keeping up to date with changes to services.

Mr Johnson said: 'It is utterly unsatisfactory. As well as our residents, strangers visiting relatives and friends, not least at the Care Home, are simply left standing there with no way of telling if there should be a bus coming or not.'

Norfolk County Council added there is no guarantee they will ever be replaced.

Travel Development Team Manager Jeremy Wiggin said: 'The removal of the printed timetables has been brought about by the need to reduce our current spend on producing printed timetables. Unfortunately, our budget for this financial year for the provision of printed information at bus stops has already been spent and budgets for future years are being reduced further.

'This year has seen a significant number of bus service changes, which has seen a quicker rate of spend on printed information. We have therefore started a process of reviewing all locations where we provide printed information at bus stops with a pressing need to reduce this number of locations.'

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