Norfolk zoo welcomes birth of rare South American mammal


A rare Brazilian Tapir was born at Amazona Zoo in north Norfolk - Credit: Amazona Zoo

A zoo in north Norfolk has announced the birth of a rare South American mammal.

Ennis, a female Brazilian Tapir, gave birth to a male calf at Amazona Zoo in Cromer on May 16.

The mother had no issues during the birth and the calf was feeding within four hours. 

Calves are born with brown and beige stripes for camouflage and these are lost within six months.


Ennis, a rare Brazilian Tapir, and her calf born on May 16 - Credit: Amazona Zoo

Head keeper, Imogen White, said: “Ennis the mother hasn't had the easiest time trying to be a mum.

“She has had three failed pregnancies due to differing factors. The keepers and myself have been through the losses that Ennis has suffered and have been heartbroken, so to say that we are over the moon with this successful birth feels like an understatement.

"We are all so proud of Ennis, we knew she could be a good mum and she is now getting to prove how excellent she is at the job, so attentive and protective.”

Brazilian Tapirs are classed as vulnerable and are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List.