Bird that says ‘I love you’ goes missing

Sparky the parakeet, who has gone missing from an address in John O'Gaunt Close, Aylsham. Picture: S

Sparky the parakeet, who has gone missing from an address in John O'Gaunt Close, Aylsham. Picture: Supplied by Dawn Cordner - Credit: Archant

The owners of a colourful parakeet that can say 'I love you' are devastated that she has gone missing.

The bird, called Sparky, flew away from their home in John of Gaunt Close, Aylsham on Tuesday, November 12, and has not been seen since. Dawn Cordner, granddaughter of Sparky's owners who did not wish to be named, said her grandparents were distraught the bird had flown away.

Mrs Cordner said: "She belongs to my grandparents and the bird loved sitting on top of her cage tweeting and saying 'I love you'.

"She would freely go in and out of her cage in the conservatory happily.

"My nanny was her main carer and the bird would cuddle up on nanny's hand and let nanny stroke her head and body."

"My grandparents are devastated. She was a lovely bird."

Mrs Cornder's grandparents had owned Sparky for around three years, and the bird is about three-and-a-half years old.

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Mrs Cordner said Sparky was last seen around 4.30pm, when she flew off in the direction of St Michael's Court.

She said: "The bird followed my grandad to the front door where he greeted my nanny who had been our for the day with a friend, and the bird unexpectedly flew out the door and outside, never to be seen again!

"This wasn't normal for the bird to fly much away from her cage. She wasn't a good flyer at all so this was a bit strange.

"We think she heard my nanny's voice and followed it to the door but accidentally flew out."

Mrs Cordner said they had so far been unsuccessful in their search for Sparky, and they urged anyone living in the area to check their gardens.

Anyone who has seen Sparky or thinks they might know where she is should call 01263 735431.

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