Beer lovers to drink pink with raspberry brew for breast cancer charity

David Holliday of The Norfolk Brewhouse joins Keeping Abreast's Lisa Becker and owner Craig McLaren

David Holliday of The Norfolk Brewhouse joins Keeping Abreast's Lisa Becker and owner Craig McLaren at The Wig and Pen pub in Norwich. Photo: The Norfolk Brewhouse

Beer lovers can drink pink after a Norwich pub owner surprised a local breast cancer charity by creating a new raspberry beer to raise awareness of the disease.

Pub company Norwich Inns and Fakenham brewery The Norfolk Brewhouse teamed up with cancer charity Keeping Abreast to create the pink beer from raspberry, beetroot and elderberry.

And the result, named A Breast Bitter, will be served in pubs across Norfolk, from Norwich to Gorleston, to raise awareness of the disease and the charity's work.

Lisa Becker, from Keeping Abreast, said: 'We have been very fortunate this year that Norwich Inns Group had chosen us as their charity for 2018.

'We joked with Craig McLaren, who also owns the Wig and Pen pub in Norwich, about how a pink beer would be a fun way to raise awareness.

'To my complete surprise a few days later Craig said he had a sample brew for me to look at and there it was - our pink beer.

'He had enlisted the help of David Holliday from The Norfolk Brewhouse, one of the local breweries which supply Norwich Inns, as he knew they already produced a raspberry gold beer as part of their Moon Gazer range.'

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Mr Holliday said: 'Our raspberry gold beer already has a pink hue to it but Craig and Lisa had their hearts set on something more dramatic, something which would be noticed in pubs and get people talking.

'Adding a lot more raspberries would do the trick but we need to keep the flavour balanced so we worked with a fruit supplier on enhancing the pinkness without radically changing the flavour.'

They settled on adding elderberries and beetroot juice into the mix, and Mr Holliday added: 'These added colour but were flavour neutral.

'We are very pleased with the results, and the flavour is still very much that of raspberries.'

Keeping Abreast is a Norfolk based charity which offers support groups for women across the UK who are facing reconstructive surgery after treatment for breast cancer.

The charity have been busy throughout October promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the launch of the beer coincided with Pink OctoBRA Day, on October 17, in support of breast reconstruction awareness (BRA).

The beer was also served at Norwich Beer Festival.

A full list of where to enjoy it can be found on The Norfolk Brewhouse' website.