Olympian Becky Adlington helping hunt for owner of lost ring

Great Britain's double Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington poses as she arrives back at Heathrow

Becky Adlington and her father are hoping to find the owner of a lost wedding ring he found in East Runton - Credit: PA

Have you lost a wedding ring in Norfolk recently?

A gold-medal winning Olympic swimmer is helping to find the owner of a lost ring in the county.

Becky Adlington's father, Stephen Adlington, found a ring on a beach in East Runton and has now taken to Twitter to help find the owner.

The four-time Olympic medal winner is helping the cause by joining in the search online.

In order to find the correct owner, Mr Adlington asked members of the public to message him with a description of the inscription of the ring. 

Finding lost pieces of jewellery may seem a hopeless quest, however this is not always the case.

Earlier this year, influencer Carly Rowan lost her engagement ring in a layby near Cromer.

After taking to the internet asking for help, Carly eventually found it after visiting a layby she stopped at a month prior.