Bacton man’s novel idea

The saying goes you cannot teach an old dog new tricks - but a north Norfolk entrepreneur has come up with a new invention aimed to stop pet pooches from committing one of their most annoying habits.

Dog lover Ian Haywood from Coast Road in Bacton, has created Waterloo dog water bowl, which is shaped like a loo in a bid to stop the age old problem of a beloved pet quenching its thirst by drinking from the toilet.

The idea for the dog bowl came from Mr Haywood's own pet pooch, 10-year-old Rottweiler and Alsation cross, Coochie, who is a rescue dog, which Mr Haywood and his partner Clare Poole, adopted in 2003.

Mr Haywood, 45, said: 'When we got her, Coochie was particularly fond of drinking from the toilet, like a lot of dogs are. It was after I had caught her drinking from the toilet for the umpteenth time that I thought what a good idea it would be if someone could come up with a dog bowl which was designed like a toilet.

'I started researching it and saw there was nothing like that on the market, so I decided to give it a go myself.'

Mr Haywood worked on the idea for two years, and has now just launched the bowl, which he is the first product he is selling via his company, the Spindly Brindly Dog Company, which is named after another of his dogs, Jack.

He said: 'I am really pleased with the finished product, especially as it is a cause close to my heart, having pets myself.'

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Featuring a bone and paw print design, the Waterloo is available in black and white as well as pink and blue. It holds over a litre of water, is dishwasher proof and comes apart for cleaning.

The lid also shuts down to keep water fresh.

Mr Haywood, who also owns The Wayfarers, a cafe and bistro in Ludham Bridge, said: 'It is something which very functional and practical, but also a little bit of fun at the same time.'

He has hopes now to expand the range of products for the Spindly Brindly Dog Company and is working on creating new products, including a food bowl designed like an old-style trash can.

More details on the dog bowl can be found via the website, or by emailing