Aylsham woman discovers new career having dropped three dress sizes

Jane Keil, after her weight loss, with her husband. Picture: Courtesy Jane Keil

Jane Keil, after her weight loss, with her husband. Picture: Courtesy Jane Keil

An Aylsham woman has started a new chapter after discovering a weight loss programme which turned her life around.

A 'before' shot of Jane Keil. Picture: Courtesy Jane Keil

A 'before' shot of Jane Keil. Picture: Courtesy Jane Keil - Credit: Archant

In November 2016, Jane Keil weighed almost 15 stone, having piled weight back on after an initial stint with a Slimming World group.

A year on and Mrs Keil has reached her target weight of 10 stone 10lb, and is herself a Slimming World consulatant, running two groups in Cromer and Badersfield helping other ladies like herself.

Mrs Keil said: 'Last year I walked into a local Slimming World group, ashamed that I was once again overweight and all my clothes were far too tight.

'I got to target in June, and am maintaining it really well.'

Mrs Keil also quit her job as an accounts assistant, a career she had been in since the age of 16.

The 43-year-old said: 'Best of all, after 43 years I have found a job that I really do love and feel so passionately about.

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'That's helping others achieve their dream weight, and helping others to no longer be held back because of how they feel or look about themselves, as well as giving others the skills and knowledge to change their lives.'

'My job is so different from the 9-5 office job I used to have, and I can't believe I got stuck in that career since I was a teenager, not realising that it wasn't for me.'

Mrs Keil went on: 'I can finally just live my life without being held back by my weight.

'I can finally look in the mirror and smile at the person I see.'

The Slimming World ambassador added that her family have also been affected by her weight loss: 'I have been married for 20 years and my husband has got a new improved wife.

'No more dealing with me unhappy with myself, or not being able to find anything that fits. Shopping trips were full of unhappy memories, but now I love to shop for new outfits that suit the new, confident, happy me - and three sizes smaller.'

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