Your say: Will Omicron impact your Christmas?

People in Aylsham

Carly Stockwell, from Old Catton; Paul Davis, who owns the shop Bishy Barnabee in Aylsham; Margaret Fearn; Jennie Hatton; Paul Giggle, from Cawston; Diane Bumphrey, from Aylsham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Has the emergence of the Omicron variant of coronavirus had an impact on people's Christmas plans?

While Norfolk has recorded only one case of the illness, with no evidence of it spreading to others, uncertainty remains over the severity of the new strain.

Our reporter Daniel Hickey asked people in Aylsham whether or not they were concerned for the festive season, especially after last year's lockdown.

Carly Stockwell, from Old Catton.

Carly Stockwell, from Old Catton. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Carly Stockwell, from Old Catton, said: "I'm so past it now. Whatever they say I'll go with. If we have to not have people over, we won't have people over.

"I just think the restrictions shouldn't have been lifted so quickly, with all of the football matches and concerts. What did they think was going to happen?"

Paul Giggle, 71, from Cawston

Paul Giggle, 71, from Cawston. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Paul Giggle, 71, from Cawston, said Omicron would have "no impact whatsoever" on his Christmas.

"I'm not really concerned, I'm fully jabbed. They might have to adjust the vaccine a little bit but they do that with the flu jab every year."

Paul Davis, who runs Bishy Barnabee, a shop on Red Lion Street in Aylsham.

Paul Davis, who runs Bishy Barnabee, a shop on Red Lion Street in Aylsham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Paul Davis, who runs Bishy Barnabee gift shop on Red Lion Street, said: "I'm not specifically concerned about it, although I do have a shop in town, and last year it shut just before Christmas, which was a bit of a disaster.

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"But I don't think they are going to shut everything down before Christmas," he said.

Margaret Fearn, from Aylsham.

Margaret Fearn, from Aylsham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Margaret Fearn and Jennie Hatton, both from Aylsham, were out for a walk.

Ms Fearn said: " I have my fingers crossed it doesn't change things because my son, daughter-in-law and grandson are coming up from Bristol for Christmas. That's the main thing I'd be concerned about.

This would be their first Christmas together, she said.

Jennie Hatton, from Aylsham.

Jennie Hatton, from Aylsham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Ms Hatton also said her main concern was seeing family. Her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are planning to visit from Ketteringham.

Ray Moore, 64, from Horning, said: "We've been lulled into a false sense of security by the government, Boris Johnson in particular, that everything is on an even keel, then we get Omicron.

"I've got a holiday planned in February and it was all go but now I'm 50/50, as you don't know what restrictions will be in place then."

Diane Bumphrey, 66, from Aylsham

Diane Bumphrey, 66, from Aylsham - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Diane Bumphrey, 66, from Aylsham, said: "We have a very small family so it will have no impact.

"We're all jabbed and we've had the boosters but it's still concerning. We just have to be careful with the masks."