Aylsham course to help babies’ parents

A new free course to help parents discover how babies learn is being held at Aylsham.

The free six-week course can help parents explore how their child's brain develops and how their baby's early experiences can shape their development.

The aim is to help boost parenting skills by giving mums and dads the information they need to support their child's early learning.

Parents reflect on how their own brain works, as a starting point for an insight into the workings of the baby brain.

It will also help and support them to gain an understanding of how to help the baby's brain develop during this vital time in their life.

The course is for women who are up to 34 weeks pregnant and their partners, as well as parents with children up to the age of 18 months.

How Babies Learn will start at Ian Sears Clinic, Norwich Road, Aylsham on Tuesday November 2, initially for four weeks from 7pm to 9pm with the second stage of the course will take place around three months afterwards.

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For information or enrolment please telephone Monica Harding on 07780 887348 or e-mail mharding@aylshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk