Aylsham baby died from virus

A nine-week old baby boy who suffered from a fast, overwhelming virus died of natural causes, an inquest heard.

Baby Akatendekaishe Mangwiro died on February 24 this year.

His mother, Jeritha Mangwiro had taken Akatendekaishe to Hungate Street Surgery in Aylsham earlier in the day with a runny nose and a sticky, swollen eye.

A doctor prescribed eye drops for conjunctivitis.

Akatendekaise became more unwell when the family were travelling back to their home in Aylsham from church.

Mrs Mangwiro said: 'He gave me a pinch on my hand. I remember saying why are you pinching me and his eyes were open.'

The family were five minutes away from their home. By the time they had parked the car, Akatendekaise's body had become rigid.

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'He was stiff. I said 'he is not responding'. I asked my husband to hold him and put his head on his chest and give him a pat on his back. My husband did it and said he was still not responding. We started praying. I don't know the time between when we started praying and when we called the ambulance,' Mrs Mangwiro said. The family were living at Aylsham at the time of the tragedy but are now in Hunter Road, Norwich .

Akatendekaise arrived at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital at 11.30pm and died at 10 minutes past midnight.

Consultant pathologist, Dr Xenia Tyler discovered influenza virus in his lung tissue. She concluded the cause of death was parainfluenza.

Norfolk Coroner William Armstrong recorded a death due to natural causes. He said: 'From evidence given it's clear he was very well looked after. Evidence appears that it was not predictable and therefore not preventable.'